Custom High-Throughput Germination Room


Development of the custom designed and manufactured germination chamber began with a specific client need. A global specialist in vegetable genetics, the client required the ability to verify the quality of produced seed by germinating and growing that seed to early maturity. Meeting this need required significant growth area and uniform conditions to ensure subtle expressions of genetic variation could not be overlooked due to environmental variability.


Beginning the project, an early site visit allowed face-to-face dialogue between the client’s multi-disciplinary planning team and senior personnel in Conviron’s design engineering group. By seeing first-hand how the client was currently performing germination, and the equipment being used for those purposes, design engineers gained a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and challenges. This enabled efficient collaboration throughout the course of the project.


Conviron began with its well established Multi-Tier Production (MTPS) platform. Equipped with multi-tier carts, individually lit shelves, and horizontal airflow, this room provided an excellent starting point to address the needs of high throughput germination. The carts, which normally utilize horizontally mounted canopies, were re-designed to carry two side-mounted dimmable light canopies with vertical fluorescent tubes. The perforated plenum walls used in the MTPS germinator provided consistent horizontal airflow and uniform temperature conditions, and combined with the dual side-mounted canopies ensured that optimum growth conditions were present at each shelf on each cart from top to bottom. The result was a large scale multi-tier germination room, exterior dimensions specifically tailored to suit the building in which it is located and a custom solution to a client specific challenge.

Inside the Custom Germination Room


Temperature Range 15-30ºC Lights OFF; 20-30ºC Lights ON
Growth Area Shelf = 5ft2 (0.46m2); Total = 360ft2 (33.45m2)
Growth Height 6.25" (159mm)
Growth Volume Shelf = 2.60ft3 (0.074m3); Total = 187.5ft3 (5.28m3)
Electrical Service 120-208v, 3ø, 4-WIRE + GND
Light Intensity 100 µmol/m2/sec

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